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"We have the ability to decide our thoughts, to choose strength over weakness, courage over fear" - CARL DIXON

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Head trauma

Crushed right eye

Broken right orbital bone

Face lacerations

Cracked C7 vertebra

Collapsed and bruised lungs

Liver lacerations

Internal bruising

Dislocated and shattered right forearm

Exposed fractures

Missing flesh and bone right arm

Multiple deep lacerations to upper arm

Multiple fractures right thigh

Multiple fractures left knee

Exposed fractures left shin

Missing bone and flesh both legs

Lengthy deep gashes to both legs

Multiple broken fingers & toes

Comatose for 10 days


While fronting one of Canada's most beloved bands, The Guess Who, Carl was involved in a horrific car accident in Australia in April 2008. By all accounts he should not have survived. Carl now tours as a keynote speaker to corporate events focusing on safety and teamwork.

Carl Dixon's 'S.T.A.R.T Philosophy' begins with living under no illusions.

Stop, Think, Accept, Renew and Thank is a key component  of Carl's powerful presentation to your company or organisation. READ MORE


Carl’s lessons from a life-on-the-road as iconic Canadian rock star to learning to walk again, re-gaining his feet on the international stage is told with humour and a commanding stage presence. His presentation through story and song is an inspiring story of willpower and determination, proving the journey to the top is never a solo act.


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