Carl Dixon photo gallery: on the road, at home and pics from way back

Carl Dixon shares his story

Carl Dixon inspirational speaker

Carl Dixon theatre shows

Carl Dixon 2019

Carl Dixon in France

Coney Hatch 2019 France

Coney Hatch in Arras France

Carl Dixon theatre shows

Coney Hatch 2019

Carl Dixon USA

Carl Dixon, Niagara USA

Carl Dixon

Carl Dixon and The Last Buffalo, USA

Carl Dixon

Minnehaha Bay Ontario

Carl Dixon & The Last Buffalo

Opening for Grand Funk Railroad

Carl Dixon & The Last Buffalo

Carl Dixon & The Last Buffalo

Carl Dixon with new guitar

Carl Dixon showcases his new guitar

Lewsh and Carl

Carl Dixon Sings The Guess Who show with current & former members of TGW

Carl Dixon and Laurie MacKenzie

Carl Dixon & Laurie MacKenzie

Lewsh and Carl

Lewsh and Carl Canada Day July 1 2017

Lewsh on bass!

Lewsh Shaw on bass !


Carl Dixon theatre events

Carl Dixon theatre events-

Carl Dixon reads from his memoirs

Carl Dixon's one man show

Carl Dixon Miles City MT

With Phil Vassar Steve and Jeff

Montana sunset

Carl Dixon and wife

"I'd Never Have Fallen" written the day before the wedding

Carl Dixon and wife Helen Dixon

Carl Dixon and wife Helen Dixon

Carl Dixon and wife Helen

Randy MacDonald, bride Helen Dixon, groom Carl Dixon, Christina Dixon

Carl Dixon and wife Helen

Carl and Helen's wedding on their property.

Carl Dixon marries Helen Parker

Carl Dixon marries Helen Parker

Helen wearing her dad's navy coat

Helen Parker Carl Dixon

By the barrel

Mr and Mrs Dixon


Honeymoon - sweet!

Honeymoon - my gal

My beautiful wife NYC Central Park

Honeymoon with friends

Museum of Natural History NYC

Theatre events

Lewiston NY state

Summer tour 2016

Carl in Canada

Gowan and Carl

"Don't look at him!"




GUE 2015 collage.jpg

With Steve Larmer

Drums chat

Carl and Dylan Gowan

Dyaln Gowan in full swing

With Dylan Gowan

Drums day for TV series Tornado Hunters on CMT

Studio time

Tornado Hunters

Tornado Hunter Greg Johnson

... photobombed again


Nottingham Firefest

Coney Hatch - recording Blown Away


Courtesy Moose FM


Carl in autumn woods

Test shoot for "Part of a Set"

Almost Famous pic me at 14!

Pardners - Andy Curran and me

Firefly...way back in the day

The Book Lover's Ball 2015

Celebrity author - Carl Dixon

Salt Flats Nevada

Amazing location

GW Busch Gardens

Carl - The Guess Who

Las Vegas 2008

April Wine

Album cover shoot

NYE 2014

(clockwise) Pat Gowan, Mark Santer, Jerry Mercer, Carl Dixon

Coney Hatch

Andy and Carl

Firefest 2014 Crowd shot

Coney Hatch

Meet n Greet with fans

Coney Hatch

Firefest (c) StephenBrophy

Coney Hatch

Boston Manor

ConeyHatch (c) SnapshotsbyKris


Texas after party

Dave Ketchum

backstage at Sound of Music

He drums!

Minden Ontario 2013

carl w/ Styx

Stage lights

Coney Hatch 1982

Coney Hatch 1982

Coney Hatch 1982

Supplied by Tim Durfy

The Guess Who Vegas

Epcot 08

Carl Dixon motivational speaker

Big screen sound of music

Sound of music

Sound of Music Festival 2014

Blown Away

Coney Hatch clip

Coney Hatch 2014

Andy and Carl


Pic by Dave Wood

Blown Away video shoot

Florida crowd

The Guess Who 2008



Skates on

Hockey days